Sunday, September 25, 2011

coffee rocks t-shirt

This was the latest t-shirt design for Coffeemania (Cortland, NY). Those fine folks up there give me zero boundaries when I am designing except that they are a coffee shop. The sketch at the top was completed during some downtime at a teachers meeting. Some of my co-workers, Ash included, were shooting the breeze when I drew a coffee cup at a 90 degree angle. It looked kinda like a earpiece for headphones and that was it. All my other sketches did not quite work out. The first catch-phrase was a play on "Life is good" and it was just too close and too lame. "Coffee Rocks" is right to the point. I'm gonna heat a cup up right now to celebrate my children getting along.


  1. Hi there,

    Love the t-shirt design. Do you know if they are still available for purchase and if so where from? Very keen for one.

    -Caitlin, Ireland.

  2. Hey C-DuB!
    Big thanks for the kind words...these folks have given me a few t-shirt design jobs in past years and have been open to anyhting i come up with...i checked their website (they have little web access) but here is a link to contact them they may just send you one if they have any left ( i think they made light blue shirts with dark blue design-short sleeve and light gray shirts with black artwork-long sleeve)
    thanks again

  3. nice design! is it alright if i could borrow this for the anniversary of the coffee shop of a friend of mine? i'll just tweak some parts and change the text below. thanks!

  4. well RainMaker,
    I am no longer the owner of the design...that artwork belongs to Origins/Coffeemania in the Cortland NY area (they have a website and facebook account). You would have to ask those fine folks. Best of luck to you and thanks for the compliment.