Wednesday, September 28, 2011

initial illustration for angry strongo

When my son first surprised us with his creation of Angry Strongo, I remember asking him if it was something he had heard or something he made up. When he told me he had made it up I was most impressed. It is such a humorous and catchy name that I immediately started picturing what he looked like and why he was angry. I bounced many ideas in my head like is he "strong" and is he really angry or is this just a strange name given to an average looking kid. I wanted him down on paper and this was my first attempt. Not sure why I gave him the caveman/early professional wrestler single strap outfit but I always felt he would be bald. This looked a little too "Simpson's" for me but I was off and running. I do regret one thing after jotting down this first sketch...I wish I would have sat my son down to ask many questions about Mr. Strongo's appearance and clothing. It may have totally changed my current image of the guy. Anyhow, I will be posting more Angry Strongo character possibilities soon. Please comment on what you like or dislike about this one compared to future designs. Thanks all!

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