Monday, September 19, 2011

Trip into NY state

Ash and I took a few days over the summer to see the finger lakes region of NY state. We looped around and came south into Watkins Glen. A neat little town with some interesting folks milling about.  While there, we set out to walk the glen as I have never been thru. Around every turn is another beautiful scene. The weather was awesome and we decided to walk out via the northern trail. This took us near an amazing cemetery that drew us in and we, of course, lost the trail.  We had to follow the cemetery exit adding a substantial distance to our journey. My fault.
I had done some design work for some folks east of there so we headed over to the Ithaca/Cortland area that night for a room. The logos pictured above are from a great coffee shop in Homer, NY. If in the area of Cortland, we recommend Coffeemania and Origins! The people were incredibly friendly and the coffee was perfect. I designed this logo about two years ago (maybe one?) for the owners Craig and Michelle Brooks. The logo was based on a design that I sketched out about a decade ago for my cousin Mike and his wife Jamie who were batting around an idea for a coffee business. ****A note to all creative types out there: keep your sketch books!!! Not sure about that pose I'm in but it might be me stretching from the lengthy car ride.


  1. Cuz, Jaime and I love the new blog. She still thinks that "joe on the go" would have been a money maker...i guess we'll never know..we are very proud of our personal Randy Mckee collection....

  2. yes, Cuz, it was a great idea and was hoping it would happen...maybe i could be driving the joe instead of teaching....take good care and miss y'all!