Sunday, September 25, 2011

watch out wayne

Even before I met Ash, she was drawing cartoons of her dad for just about every holiday that required a card. Early on in our relationship I thought that I could take a stab at this great tradition as well...give it my own twist. Though sometimes painfully difficult to create yet another situation or style for "the father-in-law", some have really made him laugh and stuck with us.
My 6th grade students work on a comic book cover every year. They have to create a new character and setting while keeping the whole thing suitable for school. I show them this because it captures a painful peddle-car accident without showing details like compound fractures, lacerations and ponds of blood. You can lead the viewer into understanding that the event pictured will soon get ugly and that it can be done with humor. The Principal would be okay with something like this.
My father-in-law really did smash himself up as a youth in a failed peddle car jump. He has had multiple skull impacts and the stories are amazing. We joke that our memories are equally poor though he has these mishaps as an excuse.
...just as a footnote, we always draw him with the beard (infant, teen or adult)!!!

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