Saturday, November 5, 2011

ash's illustrations a hit

CD cover 

3 panel insert w/cover

dancers for insert

inside of insert

I am hearing some very kind things about Ashley's illustrations for the latest CD project out of the Mansfield University's Music Department. They are a talented bunch up there on the hill. I'd like to thank Dr. Sheryl Monkelien for the opportunity to do some design work in the area. She has been great to work for...wide open to any ideas and always upbeat and cheerful. I'd also like to thank my wife for her original sketches of some hipsters playing instruments. I new right away that this was the direction needed for the title of this project as well as the style of the music presented. Ash will say she did very little but without that initial spark of inspiration, any design project becomes a big ball of stress. Instead of countless nights of brainstorming ideas that eventually fill the trash, we were off and running very early on.

I used photoshop to color the scanned-in line drawings that Ash supplied and arranged them in a circle for the cover. Ash was supervising all the color choices as I would have dressed everyone in dull earth tones. I shifted the colors a bit to give them that slightly-off screen printed look. I wanted the inside of the insert to open up into its own mini-poster that would display most of the important information.

Hope you all like it and please support MU's music department. They're a hard workin' bunch!

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