Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WARNING!...graphic design

For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed these little black stick persons getting squashed, slammed, pinched, electrocuted, explosives to the face, sliced, poisoned, torqued around a drive shaft, etc. Who was the designer that finally got us to these simplified and awesome designs? I'd like to see what else they designed as well. All the fat is stripped from the best Warning stickers. They have to immediately convey what NOT to do and explain this danger in simple and serious terms. I went through a phase, back in the early nineties, when I was photographing them whenever possible. I'm sure that some nut somewhere is cataloguing all the Warning stickers but I haven't done the simple google search as of yet. If I wasn't married and raising two kids, that "nut" might be me. 

The orange and black (above) work so much better in my opinion. The red just isn't as cool. The red isn't horrible, just not as good. The black background and the white lettering also ad some visual balance and unifies the layout. In many of the older stickers, WARNING! was forced into a rectangular black box (like the !DANGER below). Visually, i don't like this newer, larger WARNING!, but I can understand the reason for changing it.

The sticker below fails to hold my attention to a point where I finally read all the text. The strength of the crane warning sticker is the all-caps subtitle below the cool image that reads THIS CRANE IS NOT INSULATED. 

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