Saturday, December 24, 2011

an angry "thank you"

We knew no one when we moved into this house. It was a new town to both Ash and I. The houses next to us "looked nice" but that is what you hear when reporters are on the scene of some mass murder case....that whole "they seemed normal" or "they kept the yard so nice" stuff. Anyway, we lucked-out with our neighbors. They actually are "nice". Good folks. Earl and Jessica are their names and thought it fitting to give them a dose of "Angry" for the Holidays.

If and when we move from this home, it will be them that we miss. Earl has become a regular golf partner. He offered up a chance for me to join him at a member-guest at the local course a while back. I must not have been to big of a jerk that first outing because multiple offers to play have followed. (thus the "golf channel" reference)

Thanks Earl!...Thanks Jessica!

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