Friday, December 30, 2011

....don't EVER smoke!!!!!!!....but check out this great lettering

In the remote town of Renovo, Pa., this wall still greets the locals and all that pass through. The railroad has left this town to somehow find its way with little around to help. This terrific piece of advertising history makes one feel as though the glory days are still at hand. Simple white and yellow sans serifs with a hefty black drop shadow. Thoroughly weathered and still beautiful. I have always loved the look of Mail Pouch barns and walls. Would make a great interior wall of my next home!

Why my father-in-law had this old snuff tin from back in '86 to give me is a bit odd, but I sure was pleased to see that great font that Copenhagen Snuff used along the sides. Thin white on solid black. A great "C" overtaking the "o" and that awkward "g" which is brilliant! The "SNUFF" font is modern and a good fit to the lower case above it.

Not sure how we acquired this ruler but it is evidence that tobacco companies had kids in mind. They attempted to look as though children were not the target but it would be perfectly wonderful if the people they admire most indulge! I'm sure these companies had no idea that kids copy their older siblings and parents. Love the two different fonts used on the front and back. Simple and classy. (Altoona was my old home town.)

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