Friday, December 9, 2011

latest bulletin board at R.B. Walter

The latest upgrade to the 4'x8' bulletin board was an attempt to show the students a few ways to depict perspective.

I try to keep the images whimsical in order to get the youngsters to keep checking out the progress of the drawings. If they keep looking, the chances of learning go way up.

The shadows eat up 90% of the time invested into a bulletin board like this. My plan is to avoid shading until absolute necessity sets in. The little people were used to aid in the students understanding the images. They immediately add a sense of scale to the drawings as well as their long shadows helping to create a greater sense of dimension to the flat surface. I wanted the shading to be a major part of the theme and for the kids to notice how some strong contrast in the shadows really makes the whites jump forward. The only negative to this process is drawing on rolled paper....horrible!


  1. I went to R.B. Walter myself! I would love to come back to visit some day.

  2. The door is students would love ta have ya! You could run a comic production seminar for them....I do a comic book cover project with my 6th graders. I'm sure it is not as involved as what you're doing. I'm just trying to chum the waters!

  3. That would be awesome. A cover project is great. Anything that gets them thinking about the potential of the art form.