Wednesday, December 14, 2011

local font find #3

If your heading south out of Elkland toward Wellsboro, Pa, you'll have to notice this awesome set of signs letting you know that "FLOWERS" might be for sale. Though I've never needed flowers, the location doesn't seem to be open for business.

These signs are recycled portable business signs and are on their last legs. My guess is that the internal wiring that once allowed them to light up is no longer in working order. The letters appear to be fashioned out of corrugated sheet metal, most likely aluminum.

Now for the font.....the lettering is so disjointed that they have become unified. This sign has that "it's so bad, it's good" quality. I LOVE these signs. Slab and thin, the letters make no sense if we just look at one or two. The sign below is small enough that the sign maker had to stagger the letters. I love that solid "O". I guess that cutting out the center of letters wasn't an option (thus the "R" made in a way to avoid the hole).

Further down the road, you'll pass the southern-most sign of the pair. The letters are duplicates of the northern version but the frame allows for that single baseline. The "S" and the "E" are flipped from their northern partners and I guess it wasn't done on purpose or given any real concern.

These signs always make me smile. To be honest, this pair inspired the whole "local font find" entry.

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