Thursday, December 1, 2011

local font find #2

This little structure is big on font. The fonts are so awesome that the buildings next to it crumbled with envy and no one, as of yet, has had the nerve to rebuild. I love how the large lettering on the top of this facade seems to awkwardly fit into such a large space. I'm only guessing, but I think the lettering would have fit on one line using the existing letter spacing (kerning). The "sign man/lady" probably felt the font size wasn't worthy of that much vertical space. The result is this friendly, weird and attention grabbing sign. Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania should be proud.

These dimensional letters are just plain cool. A great sans-serif on sticks.  They cast a terrific shadow. On top of it all, these white letters are set off of this light blue background of painted vertical boards.

This business owner took the next step. The hand painted door! I always enjoy viewing the brush strokes of those talented men and women who take lettering so seriously.

I didn't notice until I stopped by to take these photos, but the owner saved some money when the hours of operation changed. It seems that you can get a cut Mon-Sat 8:00-12:00. Why the multiple lines???  Fri. got jammed in on the first row and then things are puzzling as to what is original and what was added. Has to be the result of pinching a few pennies...or the sign painter and the barber are the same man and this was a time saving device.

The individual letters are quite nice. The H in HOURS is a bit small.  The layout.......? My thumbs are both upward on this place. Very classy.

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