Friday, December 23, 2011

Plough's vintage tin....great graphic design

A friend of the family, Bob Martin, gave Ashley and I a box filled with old tins and perfume containers about two weekends ago. Bob has become a third grandfather to our children and is a kind, gentle and generous man. Our children climb all over him...especially our daughter Clare. He, like many others around these parts, has a basement loaded with piles of items. Overhearing my endless conversations concerning how excited I get when seeing old advertising and classic lettering, he trekked down his basement stairs and rummaged around for me. I attempted to thank him enough but you never really feel as though it is sufficient. This post is both an enormous "thank you" to Bob Martin and also a way to let the rest of you see some beautiful packaging. Old things just look better to me.

With a quick google search I was able to see similar enamel tins (did not find an exact duplicate) and date this particular tin to the early 20's - early 30's. I was unable to find info about Plough's and whether this was some kind of snake oil scam or the stuff really did what it claimed.

I love the sides of this tin. There are very subtle changes to the font used with the second line being a taller, more condensed version. They also utilized some wider kerning along the bottom two lines to help fill some space. They achieved a great look while isolating the two product titles.

The best compliment I can give an item is to have it displayed in my home. If I want to look at something often, it finds a shelf or wall space.

Thanks Mr. Martin!

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