Friday, December 9, 2011

pug christmas cards done!

I finally got the pug cards back from the print shop. They look great (this photograph stinks, but trust me, the cards look great). I will deliver them to my co-worker on Monday morning and hope she is pleased with the final product.

We attempted to keep them both of quality and inexpensive. We had 50 cards printed at Mansfield University's print shop for $12.50. That's a whopping 25 cents per card. That price included folding (no extra fee due to the thickness of the paper did not require scoring). Charlie Earle runs the shop and is great to work with. They handle all kinds of print work....large format printing (I utilize this for posters all the time), lamination, cut vinyl lettering, etc.... Check them out if you are a local and need some printing done.

I was given the okay to self promote on the backs of the cards. This blog is the only place on the planet that I can there it is. Set this up for 8.5 x 11 paper with the final crop marks getting us to a 5 x 7 vertical card.


  1. We got one of these pug cards from Cheryl the other day - lot's of fun! Merry Christmas to you and Ashley and the kids.

  2. big thanks....mrs. heatley loves those little buggers.....hope Christmas was merry for you and your family.....we had a fine one.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!