Monday, January 2, 2012

local font find #4

Ash and I took a trip around the Finger Lakes area a while back. It was my first time trekking around those parts. We had the pleasure of walking the glen toward the tail end of our trip. That little walk was incredible. An amazing place. If you have not made the is well worth the journey. Watkins Glen has obvious tourist trappings yet it is still holding on to huge amounts of character and charm. Admittedly only scratching the surface due to limited time, we were impressed by the friendly nature of the community and their attempts to retain the small town feel. Being the font nerd that I am, I snapped a few shots of some interesting lettering coming out of the glen and along the main streets (to prove the whole nerd thing, these photos were taken before I decided I should spend a considerable amount of my time running a blog).

...from the cemetery that runs along the glen

...a vintage hand-crafted beauty. love the capital E in "the" and the super high h.

...the date says it all. great lower case "n" in the font. favorite from the trip.

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