Wednesday, January 4, 2012

spotted a unique logo

I spotted this quality logo a few times on our family trips south to Wellsboro. This logo would have caught my eye in any setting, but traveling along that rural stretch made it leap. I finally had to stop and snap this shot. The photograph is lousy…sorry about the field goal posts. This thing has all the qualities I love. It is refined as much as possible and symmetrical. A thick line goes well with the subject (bulldog). It looks as though the “A” (the mouth) was central and nicely incorporated into the bulldog face. It’s supposed to symbolize strength & toughness and it delivers.

I did some generic Google searching and found out that APASCO is part of a larger company, Holcim. Holcim is a cement and gravel company that originated in Switzerland and is currently doing business all over the planet.  Leave it to the Swiss to be involved with a logo this cool. This is the kind of logo worthy of a freight car…very nice!
On a sad note...was unable to find t-shirts for sale.

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