Saturday, February 25, 2012

angry modern

I sure have been ill as of late and our stove died. This sudden death and my general unhealthiness resulted in lots of sleep, demolition of our kitchen and very little creative activity. While I was steeped in fever I sketched out the daily occurrence of finding the remote(s). I like my media to speak at me and not with me.

Monday, February 13, 2012

local font find #6

As I have been ill for the past 4-5 get a blast from the past.

This find, I'm sad to say, is no longer with us. At least I think it is gone, but not really sure. The building it used to hang on has been torn down and I have not spotted this gem in about 18 years.

If you were traveling toward State College on route 550, just south of Tyrone, Pa, you could have caught a glimpse of this hand-cut sign which hung on a long metal barn. It was dark red and white and always had my friend Matt Strawmier and I wondering if the owner might be willing to sell. We never stopped. We never got to find out. I did, however, slow down one day and snap this shot. Within a year of this image (circa 1994) the farm had changed ownership and the sign never reappeared. Anyone who took the time to make a sign like this was probably and interesting individual. It always kind of looked like the top of a long picnic table. If anyone spots this.....send me an email!!!!!

Not sure if there is a popular dairy song with these lyrics but the music notes are playful.

Nice font and didn't notice until I started typing this but HEY!!!! HEARTS!!!!!!!
(not crazy about the "K")

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

local font find #5

Just north of Lawrenceville, Pa, into Lindley, New York, you'll find this little service station. The sign has all the elements that let the viewer know that a skilled sign painter was involved. The layout is neat and clean with a bit of lateral movement. The 's in the business name fills the space created by the shift in "NYS INSPTECTIONS"(helps to balance it with the other outer text of FULL SERVICE GARAGE). "BILL" is set up to the left as "Demings" leads the reader up and to the right while "service center"  brings us back to the centered established date.
Nice drop shadows on the script title. Love how the "Demings" extends into the green border.

Overall, the sign is quality! Fading out of paint never hurts!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

i like dark chocolate...but the line is fine

My sister-in-law gave me some dark chocolate as part of my birthday gift. This was a very thoughtful choice as dark chocolate has always been a favorite. It was a brown-bag-sized bag that had three degrees of intensity inside. This whole "intense" thing had me both chuckling inside as well as intrigued to find out the tastes of each percentage.

60% was very "intense"...sweet and I'd give it about a 8 on the ten scale

72% was way "intense" indeed...this mixture satisfied my taste buds thoroughly
and I'd score it with a glorious 9.5 out of 10
(73% would likely have scored that elusive 10)

86% was SO "INTENSE" that it ceased to be chocolate anymore...
to score it on a 10 scale would give the reader
the false idea that I enjoyed any part of this thin bitter square...BLUCK!

Thanks Megan!