Monday, February 13, 2012

local font find #6

As I have been ill for the past 4-5 get a blast from the past.

This find, I'm sad to say, is no longer with us. At least I think it is gone, but not really sure. The building it used to hang on has been torn down and I have not spotted this gem in about 18 years.

If you were traveling toward State College on route 550, just south of Tyrone, Pa, you could have caught a glimpse of this hand-cut sign which hung on a long metal barn. It was dark red and white and always had my friend Matt Strawmier and I wondering if the owner might be willing to sell. We never stopped. We never got to find out. I did, however, slow down one day and snap this shot. Within a year of this image (circa 1994) the farm had changed ownership and the sign never reappeared. Anyone who took the time to make a sign like this was probably and interesting individual. It always kind of looked like the top of a long picnic table. If anyone spots this.....send me an email!!!!!

Not sure if there is a popular dairy song with these lyrics but the music notes are playful.

Nice font and didn't notice until I started typing this but HEY!!!! HEARTS!!!!!!!
(not crazy about the "K")

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