Sunday, March 25, 2012

if you are going to do something...anything...try to be the best!

About a year ago I came across this YouTube video of some kid on a modified mountain bike. The caption below the link told of how amazing the riding was so I figured I'd give it a looksie. I was mesmorized for the entire 7 minutes. The cinematography, the music and the riding left me in awe. I knew right away that my students needed to see this kid ride. This kid turned out to be Danny MacAskill.

I am always trying to inspire my students to "do their best". I want them to attempt to be great at what ever it is they wish to do with their lives. I want them to look back on their young lives with pride and without regret. This young man, Danny MacAskill, is obviously living in the "now" and giving it his all. His sense of balance, body knowledge, timing and understanding of what is beautiful about a bike stunt comes together as total commitment to the task at hand...riding that bike well.

He pushed this passion for riding into a lucrative career. A career that I'm sure he loves. When the alarm goes off in the morning, he knows he gets to ride a bike all day at work. I'm sure he and his bike will see the four corners of the globe on someone elses dime. He also knows if he starts getting lazy, the money will dry up and he'll have to get some lousy desk job (or worse!).

I guess the most important point is that he took what he loved to do and did his best. If my students try to do this as well, they just might find that there is a career waiting for them down the road. 

!!!! I do explain to my students that some of the things he chooses to ride on might get him in trouble if he does not have permission. ....and that energy drinks can be dangerous....other than that, watch him work!!!!

Take a look...make it full screen and turn it up

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

great artwork you don't see in art history textbooks #2

There is a talented duo working out of Philly that call themselves The Heads of State. They do some amazing poster work (and some of which offends my political/social opinions but even those images look great). Their Art is as refined and well thought out as any of the works we are supposed to admire in a modern art text. Andy Warhol brought silkscreening to new heights of artistic acceptance and some of these posters designers making a living today are knocking the practice out of the park.

Great color balance, clean lines and an overall restraint in the use of space...YES!!!!!! I get older my eye wanders much more often but it remains focused on art the utilizes simplicity as a central principle. These guys get good design. When I think of great posters, this one comes to mind often.

Here's to the Poster Makers! My house would be covered with them if I could afford the framing!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

this is me bragging about my wife...

I've told my wife, even before she was my wife, that her true talents were yet untapped. I told her that her skills have not reached their full potential. Even when she would argue against my observations, I would hold firm with my beliefs.

I have not posted anything in quite a while due to an illness then a kitchen remodel. Neither was or is fun. My wife has been sketching and I thought it time to post something...not just anything to fill this blog but something I feel is of worth. If you are taking your time to slug through this page, I want it to be a quality few minutes of your day.

I check several blogs (Drawn, Thisiscolossal, etc) just about every day to see what is new. I leave these sites believing that my wife has the imagination and talent to fit right in to what is hip and happening in the illustration and graphic design world today.

My wife, Ashley McKee, has an impressive eye and a skillful hand. She makes great artistic decisions. She has a knack for the whimsical and the ability to capture character and charm. Like many artists that I've encountered over the years, she doubts her is okay if she doubts them, but she is wrong.