Tuesday, March 13, 2012

great artwork you don't see in art history textbooks #2

There is a talented duo working out of Philly that call themselves The Heads of State. They do some amazing poster work (and some of which offends my political/social opinions but even those images look great). Their Art is as refined and well thought out as any of the works we are supposed to admire in a modern art text. Andy Warhol brought silkscreening to new heights of artistic acceptance and some of these posters designers making a living today are knocking the practice out of the park.

Great color balance, clean lines and an overall restraint in the use of space...YES!!!!!!...as I get older my eye wanders much more often but it remains focused on art the utilizes simplicity as a central principle. These guys get good design. When I think of great posters, this one comes to mind often.

Here's to the Poster Makers! My house would be covered with them if I could afford the framing!!!

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