Sunday, April 15, 2012

spotted a unique logo #2

While trying to surprise one of Ashley's good friends down in Williamsport, Pa, I noticed these new metal plaques pinned into the sidewalk. They look cool. Very clean...nice fish design...minimal wording...great use of space.

I wonder how much these little gems cost the fine taxpayers of Williamsport? How many drains does Williamsport have that "drain into the river"? Did they have a problem with people dumping waste into the drains? I was considering whether or not this post was finished I decided to do a quick search concerning these plaques. It turns out that a young eagle scout was behind the idea of the project and was also part of their installation. The funding came from a state grant of the Lycoming County Conservation District (so all Pennsylvanians paid for these). At least we are left with some fine design to trip over as we walk in and around the Williamsport area.


  1. Glad to see you back! Nice post. My photo club gives us monthly assignments and next month the challenge is described as - "SIGNS"! You should be our guest for that meeting. We project everyone's images and critique them.

  2. Thanks Sir.... as a guest, I'd just have to show a few photos?????? Let me know....I might be interested. NO PUBLIC SPEAKING though....I like to hide behind my artwork. Have a great one and hope our paths cross soon!

  3. Save the date: Tuesday evening, 7 o'clock, Nov. 13th! I'll talk to whoever is doing the critique that month. Hmmm, I was a few months off...