Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the art of selling candy bars

My son began Tee Ball this year. With Tee Ball comes money raising obligations to pay for field maintenance, uniforms and whatever else is needed to keep this train running. Matt has been giving it his all playing ball (except when dirt is around...dirt trumps all things related to sports) so I decided that I would give it my all when 30 candy bars needed to be sold.

When selling candy bars, you could go the straight forward route...just sit them out at your workplace and have the money envelope nearby. You could threaten your child into taking them door-to-door. I decided that getting stuck buying them all myself was not an option and I don't want to walk the neighborhood bothering all my neighbors as my son begs them for a buck.

I decided to take them to my school and do some over-the-top advertising.
First, I had Matt stand on the front porch with his arm extended holding an old measuring cup so as to resemble a poor, down n out, orphan. He didn't want to pose for the photo so the sad/upset facial expression was easy to capture.

I used Angry Strongo to justify some word bubbles and add some visual interest in our otherwise bland faculty room. The word bubbles were mostly random and lackluster thoughts about candy and the cost.

The generic bookmarks were a big hit (people actually took them). So, as they ran out, I didn't have time to make full ones which lead to the "massive budget cuts" and the half bookmarks.

I figured since we are and institution of learning that the bookmark idea fit right into this place. I am 5 days into this campaign and I need to sell one or two more bars.

I have never taken a marketing course in all my too many years of higher education, but even this non-rocket scientist knows that a bit of flair can have people talking about and even buying your stuff. 


  1. OMG....this is great. You really should be a comic...maybe you could incorporate art into your stand up act!

    1. stand up is NOT going to happen....i can barely stand in front of a classroom full of 9 year olds.....also, its much easier to be funny when no one is watching (or listening for that matter!!!)....i'm halarious in my own mind...ha!