Sunday, May 13, 2012

mom's day 2012

thanks mom.....we come into this world with unknown abilities, a wide open future and absolutely no control over our surroundings. My mother made sure that my abilities had a chance to surface and my future WAS wide open. As for having no control over our surroundings (ya can't pick yer parents!), I won the lottery. My mom is one of the great ones. She loved us. She cared for us. She showed us how to act (even if we didn't always pay attention). Education was paramount. Doing the right thing has always been preached and it was even mentioned this morning as we spoke over the phone...thanks mom.

having said all this...when she was a young lass, she very much resembled Little Lulu...take a look:

...thanks mom


  1. Nice tribute! Sounds like you have a great mom.

    And, those Little Lulu comics were GREAT!

    1. sure do....not so sure she's gonna like the little lulu comparison though!!!!!!