Saturday, May 26, 2012

think bigger

I was inspired by a design that my wife came across while browsing the net about a year ago. The image below has stuck with me.

It is simple in every way yet it still conveys the message of GO BIG, DREAM BIG and THINK BIGGER so well. It doesn't take overly fancy art/design to feel big or to seem great. The composition is terrific. Using the 3 cats of different values and each having different ideas of what dreams are capable of is handled with care. I love the shadows. I love the odd shaped dream bubbles. I love the negative space.

I am constantly thinking of ways to visually express "TRY HARDER" to my students. If I show them interesting or "cool" pieces of artwork they have been responding with improved effort. If I do the artwork it is even more inspiring for them. My guess is that it appears more real for them. More accessible. Possible. The best way is to not only show them my work but to have them see the work being built. Showing them the process is key to convincing. I usually have two or three pieces of artwork/designs at various stages of completion leaning in my classroom. As I add to it, they get to see the additions and many ask quality questions. If they ask questions, you got 'em!

I have decided that "Think Bigger" should be a theme that the students need to have drummed into them. The design below is my first attempt at having things larger than life presented to them (without the of course). I'm still working out the kinks.

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