Sunday, June 3, 2012

beer boxes used to be really something

My father-in-law, Mr. Burrous, owns this spectacular box/font specimen. It is a beautiful display of lettering. Someone was throwing this box away when Mr. Burrous was a young man. Wise beyond his years, he scooped it up and never let it go. Smart, very smart!

The aged wood only adds to the striking look of these great and different lettering. It has some intense coloring and seems to have lost almost nothing considering its age. Buying a case of beer nowadays can't compete. Now you just get beer. Beer in a cardboard box. In the case of Blatz (no pun intended), the box sure did look better than the beer would taste.

Even the inside of the box had lettering applied to it. Yes!!!

Quality all around. I can see why you don't get one of these when buying a case of beer today. Even beer as lousy as Blatz would be beyond my price range.

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