Tuesday, June 26, 2012

fdr needs to go!

The "mercury" dime is perhaps my favorite coin. It survived from the mid teens to the end of WWII. When placed next to the FDR dime (above), you can't help but feel that an era was sadly ended too soon. Just because something is NEW doesn't make it better. People collect antiques and drive classic cars. They reuse old barn wood. People like things that are old for many reasons that go way beyond their looks. This rant is all about looks!!! It is strictly surface. I'm judging this book by its cover. The modern dime stinks! If it were a book....I wouldn't pick it up. It may be a better story than Moby Dick, but I'm willing to take my chances and never even read the first paragraph.

I realize that this installment is a bit of a ramble, but I just get so frustrated looking at these two coins. The lettering is better on the "mercury". The image is better....and the combination of the two leaves the viewer feeling better. Some coins, like artwork (which they are) are better than others. They define our tastes. FDR is flat lining the viewer. We're all snoring.

Today's dimes make us wish we were carrying ten pennies instead.


  1. My favorite coin! When I was a kid, one of my goals was to collect 100 dimes - about 30% were Mercury Heads. When I was in senior high, my goal expanded - 1,000 dimes. I did make it three years out of high school. Gee, then I met this nice girl - sold the dimes for $135 and bought an engagement ring!