Friday, July 27, 2012

one of my favorite sketches

For some reason, we occasionally do odd little things on a whim that please us for years to come. This wee drawing of a lotion pump lid (approx 2" tall) has been with me since 1994. My skin is horribly dry throughout the winter months so I guess this might have been a common object to have about my apartment at the time. I used a cheap ball point pen for the line work and a mechanical pencil for the simple values.

I'm sure the reason I've kept this little scrap is because it reminds me of my father's engineering texts. He was trained to be a civil engineer and had all kinds of books with great mechanical drawings in them. They were almost always line drawings that were entirely done with a straight edge and/or french curves. All the shading and 3-D stuff was rendered with precise hatching and cross hatching. I used to copy them during boring stretches. As far as Art was concerned, these illustrations were tops. You didn't need the interior of the Sistine Chapel, the Scream or Potato Eaters when you had water flow calculations through thick metal piping!!!

I miss those books.

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