Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a great find that i didn't find

I love lettering from our advertising past. It is usually simple and set in a refined composition. The machines used to manufacture products could only do so much with type and the paint application 50 or more years ago. Hundreds of fonts were available to advertising experts as well as a large amount of color choices. Great design wasn't a lock. Not all marketing from our past looks good today. Just like today, there is beauty and there is NOOOOOOO! A friend of ours, Dan Cook, found an item that possesses the "beauty" from our free market past.

Dan is a teacher over at Williamson High School and obviously has an eye for great lettering (even if he doesn't know it yet). This tin was a gift and a fine one at that. The muted colors and the striking letters scream "COOL" (if you're a lettering geek it is screaming "cool").

It will be displayed, with great pride, on a highly visible shelf in our kitchen. My only gripe is that it fits in my hand....wall size would be better!!!!!

Thanks Dan.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

my brother, capt. gregg, on animal planet

My brother Gregg has been a charter fisherman for about 20 years now. First in Key West, Fl., then Vieques, Puerto Rico, and now in Matlacha, Fl. He's good at it. VERY GOOD. Like most things that he finds interesting, he's all in. He has dedicated his sponge-like mind to knowing as much as possible about his craft and gets his clients on the fish. His business, WildFly Charters, has excelled in all three locations.

The new show on Animal Planet, Off the Hook, features this professional wrestler that figures out strange ways to risk his neck while catching fish. The latest episode has this guy catching sharks from while standing on a paddle board. My brother appears for about 10 seconds in the interview portion while they all are considering the absurdity of the fishing that is about to take place. They're hangin' at Bert's Bar, a "must experience" for anyone driving through or vacationing in the area.

They also used his boat to haul the camera crew while filming the episode.

You don't get to pick your family. You're stuck with them throughout this life. Having a brother like Gregg has always made my life much more interesting. I'm very lucky. VERY. I hope I am able to blog more about his future success. Good people deserve good things happening to them and he's one of the good ones.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

local font find #10

We took the fam up to The Strong... which houses the National Museum of Play earlier this week. It is located in Rochester, NY. We had a great day and the whole clan really enjoyed themselves. The two-plus hour drive (one way) was well worth it for our 3 and 5 year old children.

 (Clare in the Butterfly Garden)

 (The Super Hero section was definitely Matt's favorite)

My favorite part was this little spot of dimensional lettering....yes, I know it's lame....but it's me! I will agree with my children that the comic section was great and the butterfly garden was spectacular.

Pack up the car and head on up....good times!