Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a great find that i didn't find

I love lettering from our advertising past. It is usually simple and set in a refined composition. The machines used to manufacture products could only do so much with type and the paint application 50 or more years ago. Hundreds of fonts were available to advertising experts as well as a large amount of color choices. Great design wasn't a lock. Not all marketing from our past looks good today. Just like today, there is beauty and there is NOOOOOOO! A friend of ours, Dan Cook, found an item that possesses the "beauty" from our free market past.

Dan is a teacher over at Williamson High School and obviously has an eye for great lettering (even if he doesn't know it yet). This tin was a gift and a fine one at that. The muted colors and the striking letters scream "COOL" (if you're a lettering geek it is screaming "cool").

It will be displayed, with great pride, on a highly visible shelf in our kitchen. My only gripe is that it fits in my hand....wall size would be better!!!!!

Thanks Dan.

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