Wednesday, December 12, 2012

society6 and self promotion

I have waited some time before finding the time and location to begin to sell prints and other items that have my designs. A woman emailed me in hopes of finding a print of my Catcher in the Rye design.Someone who had seen it floating around cyberspace. I told her that her email would be the kick-in-the-pants that I needed to get this ball rolling! Well...I'm rolling.

I did some research concerning the proper places to promote myself. I am still limited in time and money. Etsy came to mind (and about three other locations). I settled on society6. They have amazing talent on their site and I must admit it is all a bit intimidating. I keep telling myself that I just putting it out harm there!

I will begin with these four designs...they will all be rated g. They will be a mix of humor, straight-up typography, education and many with the "Live a Life of Learning" tag I have been working on....we'll see how it goes.

You can find out what's cooking in the upper right corner of this blog...just click and POW!
thanks all

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