Friday, December 7, 2012

stuff you forget about

As I was searching my antique computer for something I completely forgot about, I found this poster. I had every intention of printing out some 20x30" copies to promote my graduate show (a series of posters that could help teach the elements and principles of design to k-6 students). You know how it goes, money...time...i had little of no poster. I'll just post it here and now and be done with it.

The layout of this poster was loosely based on the Swiss grid system. It has a similar look but I went light on ratios. I sure do love working with just letters. Designing without images boils down the process to its purest flavors. It is all about mass and space... how your eye flows and moves. Ya gotta love life when it reaches these peaks. You have simple elements with infinite outcomes. You must either hit a home run or strike out. No singles. No sacrifice flies. No bunting the base runner over to third. You fail or succeed. I don't know enough if I'm back on the bench or I am trotting around the base path to cheers and applause. To be honest, it doesn't really matter at this point. Success with each individual design isn't my master. It's my goal but not the end of the world if my efforts fall short. I just want to design. I just want to move things around. I just want to create. To play (though it is serious play!).

Never has others work pleased me so much as it does these days. There are so many talents in cyberspace. We are blessed to live in such times. Get to WORK!

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