Monday, January 14, 2013

the honesty policy... the best one

I have spent a considerable amount of my recent free time attempting to build an identity on society6, an online artist community that offers up prints, framed prints, tees, pillows, phone cases and laptop covers of your work. I am attempting to only submit things that define my current state of design preference. I say "design" because I feel strongly that design isn't "Art" with a capital A. Design is an artistic process but with motives different than Art. My work for this blog and society6 has all been based on my design opinions...not true Art. 

Live a Life of Learning has been a pet project for the last two years. This design of the honesty policy is the latest in the ongoing series. Being a teacher and all has me considering what kids need to see and hear that will get them through this crazy world...

It took about five to six versions on the lettering style for "BEST". I went with a skinnier and italicized version of what is on money. I scanned in the back of an old photograph to give it that weathered/worn look. It became a royal pain with all the changes it saw before completion.


  1. I'm still checking in and enjoying your stuff. Nice touch with the"old" effect from a scan! I like the halo a lot, too.

  2. Thanks Mr. Bozzo!....sure do love type and all!