Tuesday, February 26, 2013

save us capt. hot sauce!...a nike ad as my example magazine collage

I do a project with my 4th graders each year that involves pictures from magazines. They have to collage them into a new design that involves a background (setting), a main character and a title. They weirder the better! They can't be so weird that they don't seem like the pictures go together though. The project is difficult for students as they can't predict what they will find in the magazines. It is really three collages in one. The setting is a collage. The main character is a collage:

The title is also a collage in which the students can only use two letters from a lettering style that they find.

Most of my students love it though it is labor intensive. I tell them that it is one of the projects I do myself when given some free time. Here is my latest finished product...

I always seem to use Nike stuff. My love of their stuff stems from the early eighties when I was getting serious into athletics and they were becoming a major force in shoe design.

My wife says that the mouth is a little too creepy... It was supposed to make you think "save us". She might be right.

Thursday, February 7, 2013