Tuesday, March 12, 2013

some real gems from ashley's sketchbook

When I need some characters designed or advice on what my work is lacking, I ask Ash. My wife has untapped talent that boils over every once in a while. Her sketchbook catches some of that spill. I call it "untapped" due to her lifestyle. She has major commitments at her job (set design work and graduate studies) and many other obligations that have her not in a zone that will allow her to focus solely on her ability to draw people.

They aren't those cookie-cutter caricatures you get at the beach or realistic portraits you'd hang in your den, they're truly personalized. A different style on a different day. She never seems to work in a similar way. I love it. I'm more than just jealous as well. Admiration seems to sum it up. If we didn't have lives (hahaha), she might be making a killing with this stuff....


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