Tuesday, April 16, 2013

local font find #12

A good sign painter, like any master of his/her craft, has the ability to transform the letters into seamless, effortless and beautiful experience. I had the good fortune to have a VHS tape recording the night back in '86 when Michael Jordan lit up the Celtics for 63 points. I watched that game for the next few weeks many times. The last time I watched it was just as riveting as the night I watched it live. He made the domination of some of the greatest players in the game seem so simple. The analogy is a bit skewed but stick with me on this one. The sign painter has to compete with the current wave of so-called sign designers that use perfectly cut vinyl lettering stuck to the side of a truck or board. The lettering is all done by machine and usually that machine is run by folks with little to no design knowledge. The letters, though precise, lack an emotional response. The throwback sign painter wields a brush and some paint and dives in over a rough sketch. When we come upon a true sign painters work, we have a very human response to a human event. Cut vinyl is flat. We simply read the words. Michael Jordan, in that instance of his 63 point explosion, made me view the rest of the players in the league in the same way I currently feel about cut vinyl.

I'm not sure of the artist/sign painter responsible for the work I'm about to show you, but it really is nice stuff and worthy of a view....

This trailer has been slowly rotting just south of R. B. Walter Elementary in a field that is home to some regular auctions throughout the good weather months.

So good...this is logo material!!!!


love how the "i" transitions into that beautiful "z".

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