Wednesday, May 29, 2013

how times have changed #1

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have come up with another category for this ever changing blog. The world has changed "by leaps" since my youth. This post goes back even further.

Children's books were vastly different 50 years ago. The themes were odd. The language was strange. The illustration was simple and usually VERY dated (this doesn't mean lousy! It usually was awesome stuff.). There seemed to be a formula but, even so, the authors of the era could write some wording that would be considered shocking to the modern reader.

While at a Family Reading Night at my wife's school, I decided to check through this enormous pile of books which were part of the book exchange. Peeking out of the bottom of the mound was a little glimpse of an obvious Maurice Sendak illustration. Knowing my wife is a huge fan, I freed it from the mess. It turned out to be a strange little book...

I gave it a read during a lull in the action.

I ran across the reason for this post...

...and just like that, a simple and polite decline....No hole in the head! 1958. I guess this kind of language was just fine. Times have changed. It made me think of those amazing Warner Brother cartoons that consumed my youth. Yosemite Sam shootin' up the place. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck could smash each other over the head, shot each other at point blank, anvils magically falling from the sky, and everything turned out just fine. You can't beat anvils!!!!

Those were the days.........

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