Friday, July 19, 2013

more work....less Art work....

The house has seen little upgrade this past school year. My wife was having people over this week which had me on a deadline of misery. The only thing that has made all this work around the house worth while is that the place is starting to really look like our "home".
Having my wife (also an art educator) in charge of choosing the colors for our interior has been interesting to say the least. She is a risk-taker with this task...and she always seems to get it right. Our living room needed paint desperately. She handed me this...

Not sure if she was serious, she never did let on that this was some kind of gag as I left for Home Depot (I added the white circle around the dab of paint that they mixed at the matched perfectly!!!) When applying the first coat, I was worried. I have to sit in this space! The second coat cleaned up the color but I was still concerned. It wasn't until we rehung the artwork that I was sold. Every piece now feels isolated and important. It has created emphasis on the art as well as soothing the feel of the room.

I'm not sure if this picture captures the color well, but, this is all ya get. The main image of the room, a raven by Ikki Matsumoto is made so much more powerful by this green. The white that surrounds the bird never looked interesting as a negative space until the green was applied. The other two images: a small interesting gem from Jon Klassen of a ship about to fall into an abyss and the other is a cheerful concert poster by Invisible Creature for My Morning Jacket performing at the Sasquatch Music Festival.

This dog hasn't helped this blog either. Helped me calm down?...Yes!!!!! My kids named it Scooby. The little lady sure is cute!

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