Saturday, July 27, 2013

taking pride in your work #2

This entry goes out to those talented folks at Invisible Creature. These talented graphic designers always seem to be accomplishing so much and doin' it so well. 

Our living room is home to two Invisible Creature posters that were done for the Sasquatch Music Festival in the great state of Washington (somewhere between Seattle and Spokane). We like looking at them so much, we ordered two more. The 2011 version....

And the 2012 version....

I'm not writing to argue my taste in poster design (even though these ARE good!!!!) but to highlight a company that cares about presentation. The posters arrived two days ago in a great little poster tube... (my foot kept it from rolling around and blurring the picture....)

They use there own packing tape as well as a customized circle sticker and an awesome stamp (stamp pictured below)...

When quality is near, you know it. You are aware of it and it is so compelling. Even a small thing like stamping each tube you send out.

Hope all are well out there. Consider what you sell to folks and also consider their experience receiving it. 

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