Thursday, July 4, 2013

WildFly Charters gets stuck with family...

My brother, Capt. Gregg, runs WildFly Charters out of Matlacha, Florida. He knows his craft well and also controls his anger well as he has to deal with a novice angler like myself. He puts you in a great spot and it is your time to sink or swim....I usually sink. 

Occasionally I swim....

a very nice Redfish that I believe we ate shortly after this photo....

This was the first tarpon I have ever landed....the lazy slug only jumped once after i set the hook........not so big, but it sure was fun!

Fishing, in general, is not my favorite activity (Golf still wins easily). But when you get to fish the way my brother does, I can see why folks can get pretty serious about it. I love the time I get to spend with my brother and it is made ever better by being a passenger/guest on his boat and fishing along side him. He explains things well due to a vast knowledge about most subjects, he wants you to be successful and he makes plenty of time for his family. He's a good man. I'm blessed.

Check out his website and blog....then go fishing with the man!

Thanks again brother!!!

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