Wednesday, August 21, 2013

hand painted signs everywhere!!!!!

It was my first experience at Knoebels. It has been around since 1926 and has done a fantastic job of retaining some of that antique charm (without seeming rundown). It has also survived about a half dozen floods....not sure how!

Small stone cottage that sells fudge/candy apples/ etc. inside. Very cool. Would live here in a heartbeat (if it was closer to my job).

My children loved the rides and all of the interesting things to see. The older the ride, the more they seemed to enjoy it. 

Self-propelled rail cars.

As a "flatlander" up here in northern PA, the park reminded me of what Lakemont Park used to feel like back in my hometown of Altoona. Lakemont had huge trees when I was a young boy and rides packed together as well. It had large picnic areas and an enormous swimming pool. It also made an effort to keep a classic charm about it (now, after chopping down all the old trees, it is almost all new and lacks any historical charm!  booo!!!! hisss!!!)

random cool old stuff

Our family will make this a yearly adventure!!!! (maybe twice!)

almost forgot....some hand painted signs!!!! (too many to show from the park, so here's just a taste!)


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