Thursday, August 15, 2013

local font find #13

On our trip to the Museum of Play in Rochester, we stopped in Dansville for a doughnut and a drink. Upon exiting the vehicle, I noticed this gem of a sign at the nearby strip mall. 

I can image what the conversation was like at the sign shop when this business person was looking to have a sign built for his/her shop. Maybe something like this...."I need a sign. I've gotta go to Walmart, I trust that you can knock somethin' out by the time I get back. Oh, and I ain't got much cash since I'm startin' this here shop and all so keep it cheap. Thanks!" 

The signmaker (a loosely used term) then put down his low grade bottle of gin and got to work. Type out the letters. Stretch them vertically so they fill the space. Three minutes later he was weeding out the cut vinyl and transferring it onto the plexi. Everyone involved was satisfied. Low expectations earn you low quality service. 

If that lousy "I" has hidden meaning, they should let us all in on it... it's hideous! 


  1. The first thing I saw was the 'I' then I read the sign......

  2. No Doubt! mix that with the stretched letters and you get that mess!