Thursday, September 12, 2013

angry makes it onto Dynomighty's blog

Well, I sent it and they loved it. I'm not normally in the business of self-promotion (this blog excluded) but I sent a link to angrystrongo to the folks over at Dynomighty (the folks with the Tyvek wallets!). I thought my comic was an honest assessment of what I felt concerning their product.

Jamie, in customer service was way nice! Not one of those stuffy goons with no personality (even though were typing to each other) like you might get dealing with...lets say....GE or Maytag..... I believed every word. It was refreshing to say the least.

This was their initial reply to me:

Mighty Customer Service replied:
Randy... YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!!!
Thanks so much for your support and awesome cartoon.
We'll be sharing that with our fans next week, if you don't mind.
Please let us know if that's not cool.
Thanks again and have an awesome weekend,
Be Mighty.

Jamie Paladino

they kept their word.......I love these folks!!!!!!! I am gonna be a mighty wallet person for some time! Give em a looksie!

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