Saturday, October 19, 2013

local font find #14....WOW!

My son joined Cub Scouts this year. I was able to begin attending on their second meeting. The usual meeting spot for Pack 22 is the gymnasium part of the Knoxville Community Center (formerly Gertrude Case Elementary School in Knoxville, Pa). I used the front entrance on the east side near the gym. Walked in, turned left and was in a modest basketball court with antiquated equipment all about. Upon turning to my right to find my son who had bolted ahead, I was floored by the wall! Yes, I said it, FLOORED BY THE WALL! A monstrous canvas adorned the space protected by a sturdy fence-like cage. It was awesome. Truly awesome. 

This beast spans about 30 feet wide and about 15 feet high (a rough guess).

It is a wealth of local history as well as a visual gem for those of us that love lettering as well as painters in general. The landscape below, though I believe is not a local dwelling, is a beautiful painting by itself.

I was told that this canvas might have been used as a curtain/billboard at the Knoxville grange many moons ago (that structure no longer with us). I was unable to find out info regarding the Keystone Scenic Co. and this sign. If anything is known, shoot me a message and I'll post if for all to see. I am very interested and will be on the hunt. If you're ever in Knoxville and the building is open, take a peek! WOW!

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