Thursday, December 26, 2013

designing characters for Terrayn

The process is well underway of designing a set of four characters for this online computer game...Terrayn. Terrayn is being developed and that process is still tough to describe in a blog format. Simply said: Amazing. The guys need me to come up with four kings/rulers, all of which are siblings. Two males and two females that will represent four different kingdoms. Without describing them in detail at this point, I thought I would just show some initial sketches. I figure if I start putting them out there for others to see, I automatically place pressure on my performance. This always seems to help. Good Stress!

This first character is the youngest and baddest. Likes to fight. I wanted him to look like he is ready to fight even though he is a ruler. Obviously likes to show off his powerful form as I kept his wears minimalist.

This next character is the one I completed this evening. The hardest part is familiarizing myself with possible clothing ideas. I am new to this kind of art. I am struggling to keep it unique and still adhere to my own preference and keep the design/materials simple. All of the google searching has me not wanting to google search. Most of the characters being developed are way out there. I am attempting to reel it all in and make these rulers seem possible. Without getting into the idea of the game (you can link to the facebook page and "like" it and learn more about it there), my thinking has these kings wearing very reserved attire. Maybe it is just my style coming through....we'll see what the powers that be think. The game is to have a family appeal....the ladies will be handled as classy as possible. Wow, some games sure sell the scantily clad stuff. I will be no part of that... never have, never will. My son reads this blog! Anywho:

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Christmas cards for each other

Every year Ash and I exchange Christmas cards that summarize the past year or some recent past event(s) that have impacted us greatly. It is a creative way to express how we love each other and respect the others survival/coping skills. 

2013 was full of stress. Our jobs are changing drastically without changing at all (other teachers will get that). One thousand other things as well have come and gone, some choosing to stay.

Ash has been talking quite regularly about the fact that our son Matt is definitely "my boy". We have scattered brains and difficulty staying focused. My card let her know that I agree and feel for her and her situation. Her AWESOME card speaks for itself. She's a real talent. I love her.

...showing outside then inside (hope that it is obvious but just in case...)



Merry Christmas everyone. Happy New Year. Drive safely.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

local font find # 15

Saw this in Corning, NY the first time I traveled along Market Street (about 8 or 9 years ago). I remember stopping and knowing that this was an amazing sign. Simple. Stately. Strong. Straight to the point. No fluff. Fancy, yes, but NO FLUFF! It has natural weathering but you feel as though it always looked this way. We can see each brush stroke of the sign painter. I check it out every time I'm in town. To the man or woman that made this.....Thanks!

Monday, December 2, 2013

a hunting logo for co-worker

I don't hunt. The reasons are the same as most people. Plus several others. I like to walk along and maybe push some deer toward the armed folks, but generally speaking, just too much cold to tolerate for meat I don't enjoy....though deer jerky is mighty fine! I come from a family of hunters. I like to shoot weapons. My brother had a wide range of powerful hand guns as well as assualt rifles before all the laws changed. I was into sports that required me to move. Sitting around was out. I struggled with fishing when I was very young as well. As I am typing this, I feel that this logo should be displayed with ZERO color around it. I love black and white for it is a proving ground of design. If your design holds up to being viewed without color, you've got solid work. Color, to me, is just fluff (not really cause I use a pile of it but that statement sounds good and tough for this post).  I am changing the look of as of this post. Minimalistic. 

This logo was straight forward with a hint of Harley Davidson as inspiration. Just a hint! I weathered it a bit using some texture I created printing from a Styrofoam sheet. Not sure what "Hard Times" means but it didn't need to be understood to get this design. I tossed around a dozen or so lettering styles before settling on something solid looking. I kept it hand drawn because I knew it was to be weathered. I like bolts, screws and rivets (I think I mentioned this in a previous post). The flatheads give it some elements that eat up some design space above as well as allowing me to form the word "hunting" around something other than the outside edge.