Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Christmas cards for each other

Every year Ash and I exchange Christmas cards that summarize the past year or some recent past event(s) that have impacted us greatly. It is a creative way to express how we love each other and respect the others survival/coping skills. 

2013 was full of stress. Our jobs are changing drastically without changing at all (other teachers will get that). One thousand other things as well have come and gone, some choosing to stay.

Ash has been talking quite regularly about the fact that our son Matt is definitely "my boy". We have scattered brains and difficulty staying focused. My card let her know that I agree and feel for her and her situation. Her AWESOME card speaks for itself. She's a real talent. I love her.

...showing outside then inside (hope that it is obvious but just in case...)



Merry Christmas everyone. Happy New Year. Drive safely.

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