Saturday, January 18, 2014

local font find #16

I have been meaning to get a photo of this sign for some time now. Either forgot as the family was heading to the mall in Elmira, NY, or didn't feel like stopping. Today I stopped. Not a very smart choice to pull off the road with weather conditions so lousy, but, you know, sometimes our good sense is conquered by a bit of greed. 

I can't figure this one out. As a former sign shop worker, this sign holds a strange mistake within it's layout. That "g"!!!!! Computers don't accidentally place a letter in this situation. Someone had to do it. WHY!!!!????!!!!!? Is it just to be goofy? Is it to have nerds like me think about it even when I'm not barrelling past the sign? I just don't get it! Someone had to shift the baseline of that letter. WOW is that WEIRD!!!!!! If you know something about this or know the person responsible, I'd love to hear the story....just love it!

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