Sunday, January 19, 2014

third born, Wynnid, concepts drawings for Terrayn

On to Wynnid. Eldric's older sister. You'll read about her soon over at Terrayn. My goal has been to give each character a form (obviously), a home, and an amulet (almost a logo, I guess, on a medallion). The two men will have round amulets while the women carry ovals.

Another goal was, and still is, to keep these characters simple. I don't want them otherworldly. They should come to the viewer as figments of your past (though long ago), not your imagination. 

Her amulet quickly sketched and a long-haired version.

Wynnid's home. I felt she should not hide in a castle but live freely in a relatively modest dwelling. The home was designed to surround a courtyard. 11 large rooms adjoin the main living quarters. Wynnid resides in the larger structure and invites persons of knowledge to come and relax as they wish. Each evening the guests make their way to the courtyard for food and the exchange of ideas. It is a place for storytelling, invention, science and art.

The courtyard as seen from Wynnid's second story window.

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