Sunday, February 16, 2014

going live on kickstarter...yikes!

Well, the day has come! I have drawn more and done more photoshop work in the past two months than I have done in many years. It feels good. The team (CodeMushroom) is ready to put Terrayn on Kickstarter to try and raise capital to bring the game to a playable life. These guys are very capable of making a terrific game and seeing it to its finished product with the care and hard work necessary to keep it of quality. I am honored to be a part of that team and to have had the opportunity to help shape the look and feel of the game.

The last of the items needed from me for Kickstarter are posted below....

For the set up of these banners, I used Adobe Photoshop to build some metal frames that I would then manipulate to fit whatever size information space was needed. I scanned in old paper and pages from books to get a starting point for this weathered paper background. I would then make drawings using a cheap mechanical pencil and some printer paper (inexpensive as well) to fit the needed space or theme. Sorry if i repeated this info in a previous posts. The sketchy quality seems to feel right on that aged paper.

On this last banner, we employed the talents of my wife Ashley.. She has mad skills when drawing characters from photographs or if she sees you sitting at the next table at a local restaurant. It is a real gift! THANKS ASH!!!!!

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