Saturday, February 22, 2014

so you think you're optimistic? yeah right!

My good friend is one of those characters that only exists in Hollywood films. You know the kind, something awful happens yet somehow, through all the horrible garbage that has piled up on top of that person life, they manage to stay positive and achieve success. We all know that we leave these films feeling all pumped up and in the back of our mind we think that the writers and directors have kept the storyline VERY VERY loosely based on a true story. It is all Hollywood hype. 

Well...I am here to say..."It really does happen".

This short film is one small story of one such character, Jonathan Miller. The full story is much longer, more awful at times and filled with unbelievable strangeness and luck (or fate). Through it all, his rose colored glasses have never been broken, chipped or even fogged-over in the slightest way. 

If you like his story, check out more over at or friend him on that Facebook thing by clickin' on his name above.

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