Friday, April 18, 2014

vintage higgins american india ink glass bottle

While organizing my classroom yesterday, I use the term organize very loosely, I found this box.

As I was walking to the trash with yet another out of date art supply I opened it. Wow!!!!! What a bottle! What a label! What awesome lettering! I hit the mini jackpot on cool old art room stuff. It is a beautiful example of taking pride in the presentation of your product from an era when that meant it still looks super cool.

I will definitely be showcasing this bottle and label in my home for visitors to question my sanity for having it in a place of honor (those of you who understand the beauty within type/product design/graphic design will instantly smile). I find it hard to believe that a time or era will come when this is not considered a quality piece of design. 

I am always looking for stuff like this. The rarity is the lure. It is the joy as well.

"keep your eyes wide the chance won't come again" -b dylan

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