Thursday, January 28, 2016

the anatomy of the beg - an attempt to sell cookies to teachers that don't want to buy them

A few years ago I had a post that described my attempt to sell candy bars for my son due to his joining t-ball. You can check it out here. This time it is cookies for my daughter and Girl Scouts. The last thing teachers want is another sale from students clawing at the last few dollars. These sales are happening all the time and they come from all directions. So when I heard my daughter had to sell some cookies, I was very excited....NOT! We don't have lots of time after school to go door to door and hassle Joe and Jill Schmo up and down our street. Nor do I want to do that. A horrible thought. Anyway, I took it into my school. I had to come up with some angle to sell it that was different from the angle I used with the boy.

I decided on the "beg".

Clare was reluctant to pose, of course, and the picture is less than stellar. I had to brainstorm some sort of way to present this photo. I decided to point out how great the beg was and how passionate my daughter is about Girl Scouts. This lead me to the "anatomy of the beg" pictured below...

We sold a few boxes. Thanks to all those gracious teachers that caved in the face of such marketing.

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